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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a traditional...

Jazz Dance

In this exciting course, children...


We've got some of the best language...

Zumba 50+

A stimulating dance workout that...

Creativity and Art

In this class, children will have...

Latest News

  • 25Fev

    Soccer Camp: March Break!

    In addition to our March Break Camp, we are also offering a specialized Soccer camp for the March break this year!
    When: March 2-6th, 2015
    Where: Au pie ...

  • 18Fev

    Rock'n'Roll Pool Party at Piscine Schubert le 28 févirer

    Rock’n’Roll Pool Party at Piscine Schubert, on the Main
    Come swim and dance in the pool while bands from Brothers and Sisters roster (pachyderm, Dust Bowl Era, vague mémoire, Gooseball Brown, Cobra) will play modern standards of pop music from Chuck Berry to Beyoncé!
    Tickets are available in advance ...

  • 12Fev

    March Break Camp

    ARMP is proud to offer March Break Camp from March 2nd-6th 2015. There will be tons of sports and cultural activities for children ages 5-12.
    Hours are from 7:30am till 6:00pm
    For more information please contact us 514-872-0566
    Register quickly as spaces are ...